Minnow Nets, Bucket-Lists Pails, and Crowd Pleasers

“Name two things that catch and many that please.” (Think of Johnny Carson’s skit, Carnac the Magnificent). This is the typical set-up for the RR event with the individual Godhead worded helmets atop the large cones identifying the three separate rows of participants. Notice how the runners are switching the ball from one side of their body to the other, thereby protecting the ball (Jesus/Word) from potential worldly worded cone tacklers. The nets have specific football related numbers as targets. Number 1 represents hearing the Word of God (an extra point). Number 2 represents believing the Word of God (a safety). Number 3 represents repentance (a field goal). Of course, number 6 represents confession (a touchdown). And the fifth minnow nets are marked with a Capital “B” representing baptism (added later and not pictured in this shot). Behind the nets are three bucket-lists pails that the participants throw into. It’s difficult to master, but so is God’s commands to be holy, perfect, and righteous. Almost everybody realizes the more difficulty there is in achieving an objective-the more merit there is in overcoming it. Amen? Amen.

Football Handling The Word, Jesus

Here I am attempting to teach Christian principles to youths by paralleling ball handling techniques to Christian evangelism. In the background you can see some of the “whimsically goofy” props used to advance their Christian knowledge. I refer to those in the back row as toilet seat and tongue shaped throw throughs, being as they represent Satan, and his various aliases. Also can be seen some of the worldly worded orange cones that the participants maneuver around, keeping them at bay with Heisman trophy-like stiff-arms and ball switching protection techniques. Of course, the front row of orange life savor buoys are reserved for the Gospel of Christ with the appropriate hinged targets that Christians should identify with throughout their obedient lives.